Monday, March 2, 2015

New Investigator

Wednesday we had a mission conference and we got new iPads. We don't have to use Facebook anymore, which I'm super happy about, because for me it is a huge distraction. But it is only temporary though. We got a new system thing I guess, so we are getting more strict training and then we get Facebook back.

We had a good lesson with Betty. She is our new investigator. We taught her the restoration and she seemed to take it pretty well. In her prayer she said "Lord, I've never looked into the Mormon religion, but I'm willin' to do it" it was pretty cool. She is from Alabama so she has an accent. I love her.

We went on exchanges on Thursday. I got to be with sister cone. I love her she is one of my favorite sisters. We went and got ice cream at Dairy reason she is my favorite....anyway that night we didn't know what to do, and so we prayed and we were in my area and so she's like what do you want to do? I felt the spirit prompt me about one of our less active recent converts who has kind of dropped off the face of the earth. So we went and saw him and it was awesome. He usually doesn't say more than three words to us, but he opened up and he was all emotional and it was like YES! SPIRIT! It was cool....then he didn't come to church. 

Cortina got confirmed on Sunday,  that was cool. Then she told some of her story in relief society, and shared her testimony. Those are always the best things when your investigator/convert shares their testimony. I think they are going to call her has a ward missionary, so that will be pretty cool.

Other than that, not much to report. 
Thanks for the prayers, who knows what will happen from this point.
Love you all, hope to hear from you next time.