Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy One Month

I TURNED ONE ON SATURDAY!!! yayayayay!!!!!!!! Happy birthday too meeee!! 1 month!

Okay so this week has been soo hard!!  I'm just really feeling homesick and feel like I'm having a hard time settling in still.  My comp. is finally driving me a bit nuts, but I love her still. I just can't stop thinking about certain things and certain people and it just seems so overwhelming and sometimes like I can't help it, but i just think of home.  I miss you all like crazy and you really have no idea (well some of you might) how much I love your mail and letters.

So it was kind of an eventful week.  On Sunday (not yesterday, last Sunday) we went to church and someone had come with her friend who was a convert, she was GOLDEN. GOLDEN!!!!! And guess what, I don't even get to teach her because she is not in my dang area.  BLAST. So I had fasted and prayed to find an investigator for someone else!! hahah it was still way cool though!!  

Then Tuesday and Wednesday we got a 'mini missionary' she is 17, she was only with us those 2 days, and she just observed, we tried to get her to give a Book of Mormon away but she was too scared. I was like well...you ain't gonna know what it feels like if you don't do it!! That is why you are here!! but she wouldn't.  I was like “girl, I gave 2 books away my first time, you got this, it is not scary!!”  hahah but she was like no no no!!  Those 2 days it sucked, I was really having a hard time keeping it together. My emotions have been everywhere and I didn't want to cry in front of  her hahah. I didn't but I just really had a hard time.  

Sister LeBaron keeps telling me how awesome I am and blah blah blah but I'm like no.  I'm not doing bad, but I just feel like I'm doing as good as I COULD be, I know this takes time but I'm just in the mode of having to do all these things and I can't and it is frustrating. Lessons with her are annoying lately. She dominates and I rarely get to speak.  I just try to jump in and talk and she talks over me.  So I’m like ummm ya butt, knock it off! TWO BY TWO sister TWO BY TWO..not you.  Alone.  Thanks. I have talked to her about it and nothing gets done. so...we'll see how that goes.  

Motivation has also been a struggle.  It is hard to do things when you weren't crazy about doing them from the start. Some days I'm like ok has it been 18 months yet?  Um I've only been out a month.  Pathetic.  Come on sister! Geez Louise!  

Plus on top of that, my spine KILLS, and I get some nasty headaches still.  And I've just been super sick to my stomach lately. yay. stressed much?

I think “Come, Come Ye Saints” and “Lead Kindly Light” are the best things ever, they are like our theme song.  hahahahah.

So on Wednesday, we FINALLLYYYYY found a new investigator after a whole week of praying our guts out and fasting and tracting and more tracting, the FIRST door we knock on, this girl answers, and we just started talking to her, and we taught her the restoration and about the Book of Mormon, she took a copy and by the time we left, she just seemed to light up.  Just the look on her face and her eyes, I was like “oh man this is it!!” hahaha it was way cool. So she tells us we can come back on Friday, so we do and she is not home..grrrrrrrr.  So on Saturday, we were on exchanges, I went to Vancouver ( YESSSS!! LOVE THAT PLACE!) with Hermana Clanton, and LeBaron stayed here with Hermana Villabos,  they went to see our new investigator, her name is Jalaani, and her mom answered, and went to get her, came back to the door WITH her, and told us to get lost. I was like are you KIDDING ME?!?!? She is 20!!!! Anyway, LeBaron said that Jalaani seemed super upset by it, so we don't get to teach her because her MOM dropped us. GUUHHHHH!!!!  Now I have been dropped before, and for some reason it was no big deal. I was excited to teach joy, and she dropped us and I was like fine whatever that is your choice, but man when we got dropped by Jalaani's mom, and Sis. Lebaron told me about it, I totally cried.  I just felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my heart. I was so sad! I can't even stand it. I love her so much. It really is crazy and awesome how you can love people.  We are able to see them and feel how Christ does, he loves us SO much, and I'm sure he hates when people aren't able to find him, or they choose not to.  We are so precious to him!!  I hope that she will call and tell us her mom calmed down and we can go teach her. I really want to teach her.

So exchanges. I went to Vancouver with Hermana Clanton.  Yes. She is a Spanish speaker. It was so cool but weird. cuz I don't speak Spanish...but she would tell me what was going on and if I wanted to talk she would translate for me. It was fun.  I had to introduce myself as Hermana Morgan. What the?  hahahaha.  Milagros means miracles. That is the extent of my Spanish. hahaha.  Oh and picito however you spell that means a little. Si. No. No hablo Española. yayayayay I don't even know if that is right. I'm a disgrace to the Spanish language.  It was awesome though.  I lovvvvee  Hermana Clanton. We had so much in common and it was so fun to be with her. And I love Vancouver.  I feel more at home there than here in Portland. I want to go to Washington!!!

Today I started studying the Christ like Attributes in Preach My Gospel, you all have one of those right?  Right?  No?  For shame!!! Go get one!!! Hurry!!! Now!!!!! hehehehehe.  But for reals you should all have one and study it, great book!  Lots to learn and not all for the missionaries, but guess what you are all missionaries anyway so jokes on you.  Anyway.  So I am going to study one, make some goals and develop (or try to anyway) that attribute. I just felt that focusing on those would really help with the way I am feeling because I know I am being a selfish jerk. so there. This week ---patience.  Bring on the trials.  In the MTC sister singleton said NOT to pray for patience because everyone that has, has gotten crazy hard trials. And I'm like well duh..how else are you supposed to learn it? I have been praying for that SINCE the MTC. hahah.

Anyway.  We found this awesome guy while tracting. His name is Steve, he is a Baptist and says he welcomes conversation, not conversion, hahahahah  But he was like yeah come back! I guess on Saturday they had an awesome conversation with him so I can't wait to teach him.

During our dinner time or any downtime we do puzzles. And I kinda went crazy. Sister Lebaron was laughing at me the whole time. I pretty much did the puzzle myself. It was a picture of underwater life. Fish and a turtle and stuff. and I was telling the fishies not to worry because I would find their home and put it together for them. And she just laughed and laughed and laughed. Granted this was at like 9:30 after we had planned. She said I looked at her with the straightest face and was like what is so funny? And she was like you know your companion is either losing it or tired when they start talking to the puzzle. hahah anyway. Sister Morgan’s going crazy. 

oh dad, Sister Lebaron calls 'pully throughys" celestial parking..hehehehe.

I think that is it for now!! Say your prayers, go to church, read the scriptures and go get your PMG, go do the work!