Monday, August 4, 2014


Mom, are you keeping my orchid alive????? Are you going to the temple?
How many of those names you got done?? Hehehe :)

Again I am doing this from my iPad, so I apologize for any grammatical
errors and such.

People and their gosh dang agency. We went Tracting ALLLLLL day on
Thursday .all. Day. Because our investigators we have now are not
progressing... So we were like Lord, we are DETERMINED to find that
new investigator!!!! We will tract all day if we have to!! So we did.
And found jack squat ahahahaha but we did teach some awesome lessons.
Geez and sister bawl baby Morgan over here...oh dear.  Get to this one
guys house, knock on his door and he was willing to talk to us. We
taught the first restoration, I recited the first vision, I locked
eyes with him and said it. PERFECTLY. like that was the best one so
far...oh heck, the spirit was sooo strong, I totally cried on his
friggen door step, I didn't mean to!! I promise!!! Anyway, he totally
felt the spirit. I know he did. But he,wouldn't accept a Book of
Mormon, and he wouldn't let us come back. So I was like dang it!!!!!!
He has a card though so he will call us like tomorrow I'm sure... :)

Then on a Saturday we went and knocked on this one ladies door.  She
was kind and polite, but she wanted to argue, and sister LeBaron kinda
did.. Ahahah I don't think she meant to, but this lady was like" I know
you view Christ differently than I do", and so we were like "what do you
believe?" And she said how he died for us a is the authority, and how
he is resurrected and stuff.. And we were like yeah, that is what we
believe.. And then she would be like well...well.. And I'm like for
reals? Is it so hard to accept that we have many common beliefs? She
was like well how do you believe that a man is saved? And we taught
about the atonement,  and she just kept going well...well... And she
said I know for a fact that your different and view it different, and
she basically does not believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of
god, which is fine, she can believe what she wants. But she said she
hasn't even read it.  So here are my two cents: can you honestly look
me i the eye, with full confidence and tell me you don't believe in
something you haven't even read, something you haven't even prayed
about? And you are telling me it is lies? Yeah that make total sense.
Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid that god will tell you that
it IS true? Are you afraid of being wrong?  Now our purpose as
missionaries is not to take away from anything you already hold dear,
but to build upon.  I think to, one thing that bugs, is that people
aren't even WILLING to try.  Like with Joseph smith, people are like
no he wuss crazy, and I'm like well who told you? Man? Or God, the
source of all truth? And how did he tell you? They don't believe that
he is a prophet but they won't even CONSIDER that he COULD have been.
So annoying. Don't tell me you don't like something or don't believe
in something you haven't tasted.  Oh and all the arguments that she
put up, she did have some interesting things to say but guess what, I
actually went home and studied it. I CONSIDERED it, there was a lot of
truth to what she was saying. Anyway. Whatever. She doesn't beleive
that we are Gods children, which is sad.  She thinks that we are of
the devil or something. That we are held accountable for Adams
transgression.  Well she too has our card and will call tomorrow I'm
sure.... :)

Ok, so my trainer, I still love her, but she is a crazy driver. She
doesn't pay attention and will try to do stuff on the GPS
driving and I'm like ok...I'm here for a reason...let me do it before
you kill us. Thanks.  But I still love her. :).  She introduces me as
her baby still. Hah

Oh man and a stupid funny story before I go, so last.night during
daily planning, well at the end, I said the prayer and I was like I'm
grateful for this lesson we've had....wait what?? Then we both just
burst out laughing. Hahah oh man I was laughing so hard I cried. You
gotta appreciate the little things haha.  It was hard to pray after
that hahah I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, I am homesick,  but the miracles of a mission are that when
you feel bummed or discouraged or stressed or whatever, the solution
is.......WORK WORK WORK. When we go teach or tract or something, you
forget all about it. So glad for that!!

In 5 days, it will have been a month! What? It's  not that long, but
it went by fast. The days feel like weeks, the weeks feel like days
and time doesn't make sense here.

I think that is all I wanted to say.... Hopefully I will have access
to a computer next week so I can send pics.

Sister Morgan