Monday, August 25, 2014

Busy week

Oh hey.

So this week has been good, but nothing tooooo exciting.

Teaching is hard. I guess I have figured out how I am not as good as a teacher I thought I was or told I was.  It is hard to talk to people like they know NOTHING.  We have to simplify EVERYTHING. They don't know what the priesthood is, or what apostasy is or all that mumbo jumbo. So.... that is hard. 

We tried to tract a lot this week because our zone leaders yelled at us because we had low numbers.  but like I told you last week, the members in our ward have been hounding us to get all those less actives checked out and invited to meet with us (which is THEIR JOB, might I add) anywho, so perhaps we were not focused on OUR purpose, so yeah we got yelled at.  But we redeemed ourselves. We tracted on Tuesday. It was SO hot, and the lord totally knew we were miserable. the wind was blowing and so it helped keep us cool. it would stop and then we would feel like we were going to die and then the wind would blow. GUH SO NICE. TENDER MERCIES!!

Also, dumb story but I was way happy. We were invited to a BBQ at a member’s house, it was for the ward, but he told us there would be some LONG time investigators there, so he wanted us to come. One of those investigators being his wife, she is catholic.  We already had someone signed up to feed us that night but it was a long BBQ so we made it in time.  We met the investigators, they could care less to talk to us, but we shared a message, and we talked to some of the members. Well, Alice, his wife has NINE CATS. Umm hello?  Where are they? Let me pet!!??  So she was like “oh yes come in”, and she is showing us all her cats and I was like AHHHH!!! I miss my cats!! And she had one that she rescued, he was a little kitty, orange tiger stripe, and she let us hold him, he didn't want to be held but I HELD him. So cute. I was soooo happy. Best part is, she told us we could come back. So we were like uhh. Holla!  Yet another tender mercy because I was reaaally missing my cat. hahaha

On Tuesday, the same day we tracted, I noticed a woman sitting in her front yard, we still had a couple of houses before her, so we didn't immediately go talk to her.  But no one answered the doors before her so we were walking down the street and we were still a ways a way and she was like HI!! And so we started talking to her and she was like so what are you girls doing? And we told her who we were and what we were up to and she started asking all these questions.  Long story short, she invited us back, but she also invited the Jehovah witness back...grr. But hey, we believe in happiness and they don't so I think it will be fine.  :-) New investigator! Whoot!

There is an elderly woman in our ward. Sweeeetest lady. Sister Lacaden. we went over to her home to pick something up from her and she just out of the blue was like you girls are so beautiful and it comes from the inside, you are where you need to be, and you are with each other for a reason, the strength you give each other will help you in the rest of your mission and with the Christ like attributes, you both have, when you come together, you will be unstoppable. She cried all the way through it, so of course sister LeBaron and I were in tears. Man. the spirit that came into that room was incredible. I was like I needed that. She needed to tell us that. We cried for like the next hour hahaha. But I wrote that down and Sister LeBaron always says "let's go be unstoppable!"  

If I ever have to be a trainer, I have made a list. A LIST of things that I like and dislike that sister Lebaron does hahaha I think of how I want to do it. I don't know why I think about it so that's not a good sign. hahahaah

Oh and yesterday we tracted, and the LAST door. THE LAAAAST. DOOR. of course.  After having people reject us all day, and then one guy was just a perve and anyway. We get to this one house, and this one girl was just visiting, and she was walking out so we talked to her. She has had an eventful past, and she had a really bad ear infection that spread to her brain and nearly killed her. She had to have surgery and she has 2 kids and some permanent damage, she had to relearn how to walk and talk and all that. So we told her we offered free service and she was like well i might put you to work.  But the last thing she said was "look I was baptized and all that and I believe in god, and that there is someone looking over me, but I also know that is was not a coincidence that we met. I was only here for 2 minutes."  Unfortunately for us, she is not in our area, so we don't get to teach her. But she hasn't contacted us and she didn't give us her info. But it was still cool.

People look at you funny. they see your name tag and they go inside, or they look the other way. Sometimes when you knock on a door and they answer they are like oh hi girls!! What can I do for you!  And then they see your name tag and they are like...oh. what do YOU want?  It’s funny how that works

Anyway. That is it for now I guess.  Adios.