Monday, September 1, 2014


Ok so I am on the iPad, so sorry for any grammar errors or whatever.

So I had to teach at district meeting. Talk about the most
uncomfortable thing ever. Of course I cried, and you know being the
"new one" and all....

So I have really been working on talking positively to myself. I have
found a huge difference in that. Who knew? I am just so freakin
critical of myself, but sister LeBaron said that my door approaches
were SOOOO different and she noticed all these changes in me,  she
said that I seem more confident and patient with myself. I do agree I
guess. So I am trying to keep that up.

Sunday was really hard. Haha I cried all morning and I haven't cried
in a while. I feel like I am getting a little more settled in though.
So that is good.

So this week we go to teach one of our investigators, she is so cool,
I love her so freakin much, she is excommunicated and she just really
had a hard week. She told us she is not happy where she is living and
that she just does and does and does and no one appreciated anything,
and no one try's to help her. She lives with her girlfriend and
threatened to move out and so we were like YES! But she cried through
the whole lesson and just opened up so much to us.  We asked her what
she wanted, what her goals were and where we come in. So she said I
know I need to stop smoking and drinking, I want to go to church, any
way, so we committed her to think of a date to quit and so we get to
meet with her. Of course, sister Morgan being sister Morgan... I
totally cried with her hahaha. Mourn with those that mourn, I'm
fulfilling my baptismal covenant so.. No judgement. Hehe..but I just
told her my testimony of the atonement and I told her how important
she is to her Heavenly Father and that he will help her and all that.
But she just started crying again and she was like that was just what
I needed. I felt so good. Most of the time sister LeBaron is the one
people talk to, so it was nice to get to teach for once and help
someone. To feel needed and like you are there for a reason. I'm so
excited for her. Haha it is funny to, she will be like I'm bored, want
to come teach me? Ahahah I love her!!

There is a ton of diversity here, there is a lot of Asian and Tongan,
Samoa, anyway, also a ton of religious diversity as well. But those
Tongans man. They can cook. Holy crap. The best food ever. She made us
tapioca root, it is like a potato, but she cooked it in coconut milk,
and then she had some noodles with beef and veggies, and shrimp, and
potato salad and all sorts of stuff. She let us take some home too.
Soooo dang good.

We hopefully get to start teaching a family. They are new converts and
moved here, but their son is not a member. So that will be

Mom, I had a donut from voodoo donuts, it was a white cake donut with
choc and almonds in top. The texture was good, but the flavor was not
that great. Our zone leaders got us some. They have weird flavors like
bubblegum and then they have some that have frosting and candy on top.
But it wasn't as great as I was expecting, but I have only had

I think I have huge trust issues with The Lord. I trust him and know
that he will help me in the work. But as far as personal issues, I
know he can answer things buuuuut... He probably won't. I just feel
that way. I don't know if I trust him or how much I do, or how to
strengthen that but...yeah.

We are trying to help another investigation stop smoking. He is
stubborn and won't commit and won't let us help because he thinks he
has to so everything in his own, which yes to an extent is true, but
why do you think we have the atonement? Every idea we give him, he's
just like yeah ok, but then he never does it. He will not commit. So
annoying. Geez.  Anyway. I think that is it for now.