Monday, September 29, 2014


This week we put one of our investigators on date to be baptized. so hopefully that will stay and work out. His only concern was whether or not he would have work off, but other than that he is pretty much golden.

It is starting to get cold.  It hasn't rained a whole lot, there were two days that it rained but it wasn't anything too different than in Utah, we got to go street contacting in it and that was actually pretty fun.  

This week, on Saturday, our ward mission leader - Bro Huntsman - his son got baptized and we got to do a little presentation after the baptism, we just did the restoration. His mom and dad are not members and they were there, so that is why he wanted us there I guess. They were nice to us and thanked us and told us they enjoyed our message so hopefully that helps them some.  

Sister LeBaron was pretty sick too, so that slowed us down and our numbers were not so good. but hopefully she continues to recover. It has been a weird off and on thing.

Nothing else too exciting for now.