Monday, October 6, 2014

Slow week

Well hello, yet another week has passed. I get to turn 3 on Thursday! Whoo.

So this week has been kinda boring...well at least it was slow and nothing to crazy or exciting happened...but it was still good.

This week we received a referral of someone that we usually get...and so we are like what the heck, who are you guys talking to that she keeps getting referred?! who the heck is referring her? she is a non-member in our area that does come to church…I guess basically she is a "dry Mormon" except she doesn't want to give up her coffee...which I learned some interesting facts about that I will share with you later.  Anyway well we are like "God Doesn't Do Random" (a famous quote in our mission) and so we are like we need to go see her, but at the same time we had so many different changes in our schedule and we had not the slightest clue as to what we should do. so we pulled over and decided to pray, it was getting towards the end of the night and we had some "priorities" I guess but now we were like okay crud what is more important. so I'm saying this prayer, and I don't know why, but it is weird to pray in the car, so I will bow my head and close my eyes, but occasionally I will look up and look around, I guess I'm just paranoid. but anyway I'm saying a prayer, and I look up and there is this girl walking toward us, and I was just like k whatever, but it was way cool because all of the sudden I was kinda feeling the spirit, and then it was like HOLY FLIP TALK TO THAT GIRL! haha so while I am noticing the spirit getting incredibly strong I'm just sitting there all quiet and then I was like “We have to talk to her!” so I am scrambling to get a card and I role my window down and talk to her, I think I freaked her out, cuz you know nothing more sketchy than someone giving you a card from their car...but she was super nice and anyway nothing else happened. But it was way cool. No joke, the spirit truly does BURN and my heart was like going nuts. It was awesome.  Anyway we went and saw that Non-memeber, we were praying about whether or not to go see her because she told us earlier that "she wasn't ready yet" or didn't want to talk to us so we just blew off the referrals that we had gotten since that time. we went and saw her, she said she really appreciated the visit but she is "fine" whatever. Get baptized.

We got 3 new investigators this week, our mission is doing this big push to get 450 new investigators in like 14ish days. So we have prayed and fasted and all that. We had NO success and so we are like what the flip where are we going to find these people?  Then Boom, we got all 3 in one day. It was cool. We get to go see one of them this week for our return appointment, so I hope she is actually there.

We had a weird lesson with 2 of our progressing investigators this week (we have 3 now, and one on date for baptism...whoot!) it was intense. Naomiyah and Grace. Naomiyah had a question the last time we met with them because we invited them to be baptized, and she was like well I have already been baptized and so why isn't that enough?  And so we talked more about that and the priesthood. Well...they decided to bring a friend along. We were already frazzled about the lesson and how we were gonna teach it or WHAT we were gonna teach, we just taught about Christ and his baptism and how he was baptized by priesthood authority, so we need to be too, because he is the perfect example and etc etc.  we got on talking about john the baptist and this friend..who shall not be named...started to get into this bible bash and was like well in john 1 it says that he is not a prophet and this and that and we were like...yes. He is. I don't remember what Sister Lebaron said but she whipped something out, and we were like AHHHH whyyyyyy?!?!?! why are you here? Geeez.  Then she was like why does he call the churches abominable and all that stuff.. Oh my heck it was the most uncomfortable lesson every. I then decided to dedicate my time to finding scriptural back ups for John the Baptist. I hope that friend of theirs doesn't tell them anything bad. Or...or I'm gonna be real mad! However, they are keeping commitments and they watched some general conference.

But for all you RM's I wouldn't mind some feedback as to HOW to teach about the priesthood. That is like struggle of all struggles for me haha.

Transfers are coming up(Oct. 15) sister LeBaron is certain she will leave, and is getting people to sign her transfer journal, I told her I would laugh SO hard if she ended up staying.

SO... the coffee thing. So I haven't look at the study myself, but this lady in our ward gave a talk about the word of wisdom, and talked a TOOONN about coffee.  She said that even though you wash your coffee cup, there is always a stain that forms around the cup, and it stains your teeth and all that. but we can clean that. and I was like if that builds up even when you clean it…what the heck is building up inside your body?  we can't scrub the insides of our bodies with soap and water... soo...yeah. Don’t drink coffee.

Conference. Conference was...THE BOMB. Okay I don't think I had ever been so excited for it.  But I loved it, and just because I have already written you a novel (kudos to you if you are still reading..) but something I thought was awesome was that there seemed to be a pattern with commandment keeping and Following the Prophet, Joseph Smith and the restoration. Also, Helaman 5:12 was quoted several times.  in the words of Uchtdorf "I think He knows something we don't"  I think okay what have these men been shown, what conversations have they had with the lord that they are telling us these things? Guys, NOW, more than ever, it is crucial that you have your own testimony of the Restored Gospel. I don't care what people have told you, good or bad or what your pre-determined thoughts are of the church, you need to act yourself. "spiritual Questions REQUIRE spiritual answers -- FROM GOD" Don't take MY word for it, don't take your friends word for it, your family, neighbor, etc, whether the church is true or not.  Study the Book of Mormon, Learn more about the Work that Joseph Smith performed. Then PRAY and ask GOD, if it is true or not.  

Another thing I have been thinking about this week is Sacrifice and Salvation. Are we willing to put things before our salvation? As a missionary, that is all we do is fight for people's salvation. This is a literal war. Some people don't want to give up their coffee, their cigarettes, their lustful desires, their lifestyle, anything. Because that means they will have to change, and go to church and be tired in the morning because they didn't have coffee or they have to be a part of an "organized religion" and they have a problem with that, they want to sleep, watch TV, play video games, hang out with their friends, instead of read a verse in the scriptures, go to church or say a prayer.  
well, your salvations on the line my friend.  "Must we Keep ALL of the commandments? My answer to this is Simple: I think God Knows something We Don't" (Uchtdorf, Gen Womens Broadcast ' living the gospel Joyful' )  God has given us a plan. That plan is to bring us happiness and peace, success and ultimately Salvation. Commandments are part of that plan.  Therefore, commandments are not given to us as restrictions; they are given to us to help us make correct choices so we will find more joy in this life.  They were not given to us to pick and choose, we are to keep ALL of them. Yes. ALL.  What are you willing to put before your happiness? What are you willing to put before the lord? What are you willing to put before your ETERNAL happiness?  In my opinion, it is worth it to have a hard time for a little bit, but then live in eternal bliss and happiness. I hope the answer to those questions is nothing.  

I always looked at people that some considered "molly Mormons" or whatever, well, that isn't a bad thing.  The only reason we are here is because of god, so why shouldn't our main focus BE god? what are your priorities?

Alma 22:18 :) 
This week we get to see "Meet The Mormons" then we have interviews.

Anyway. Long rant over…hope y'all have a good week!