Monday, October 20, 2014

Great Week

AH! Hello!!!

Ok seriously I feel like I need to run.. I have so much happiness and energy and I'm in a gosh dang library and I have to sit still and be quiet and I don't like it!! haha

Ok so this week....what happened this week????
So first matter of business…Sorry if there are a ton of typos, I can't seem to move my fingers like I want to because I'm so excited and I don't know why and plus I have to hurry AHH!! 

Ok so we are teaching this less active couple, the Pyles.  Weeellll  Sister Pyle HATES US. HATES. US. BUT!!! for some weird reason she has been sitting in with us when we come to teach Brother Pyle, so we have to make sure we include her in a special way so she doesn't flip out on us. SO. we went over and I can't remember what the plan was to teach, but we showed her the Mormon Message called "the Will of God" okay go watch it...I'll wait...........okay so I started bawling and stuff and bore my testimony and stuff and she was like that was so meaningful, I loved that, thank you so much and she hugged us and got a little weepy and Sister LeBaron and I walk out of that lesson and are like jumping for joy and like freaking out with happiness.  THEN she sent us a card in the mail, Sister Pyle is known as the card lady, so she sent us a letter and was like thank you so much you are such good people and all that and Sister Lebaron was like you have to keep that because you were the one that taught that and I was like WE. (she always gets mad at me when I’m like no YOU taught that lesson, because usually she does...) so that was cool. So we go back the next week for a lesson and Sister Pyle is not there. Well we had planned for a lesson with both of them and didn't think of what if she is not there so we are like OH CRAP! WHAT DO WE TEACH?!?!?! And we are scrambling to find something to teach while he is getting us water and we are like oh no no no no!!!! so we prayed our guts and remembered Elder Hollands quote "just listen with love, and our friends will tell us what they need" so we just started asking him questions and SURE ENOUGH!!! He was like I can't forgive myself I can't do this and that...and I was like AH HA!!!!  Story - forgiving oneself by elder...ummm oh dear I don't rememer but it is from march 2007 ensign I think.. Richardson.. Chad Richardson??? look it up..I'll wait.... okay..soo I read the part about W.W.Phelps and how he betrayed Joseph Smith and was the reason he was in liberty jail, WELL he was forgiven by brother Joseph, BUT BUT!! he forgave himself ANNDD he wrote praise to the man! WHAT?! Awesome story. Read it!! SO, we just started taking about forgiveness, and he is totally crying the whole time. I have never seen him cry that hard and it broke my heart into pieces. I just wanted to hug him and be able to take all his pain away and it was sooo sad! I hated it! so I read this part from Elder Uchtdorfs talk "living the Gospel Joyful" about how god loves us, then Brother Pyle ANND sister LeBaron are in tears…whaddya know? I'm the only one NOT crying? What the??? What happened there?  Anyway so, we watched the "Come unto Christ" theme song video, and we all were bawling. and it was the BEST. LESSON. EVER. the church is true every one.  The Spirit is real, the gospel is real, embrace it! Let it into your life, let it change you!! It is the best!!! AH! Go watch that movie. Let me know if you need the link… okay wait it is on my Facebook...go find it.

Okay next item of business...OH MY!! So RIGHT before Brother Pyle’s lesson, we were out walking on the street just talking to people. We met this man named John. John the candy bar...anyway, we OYM him and give him a card and he looks at us, looks at the card, looks back at us and is like for real? And we are like....umm yeah...what up? And he was like wow this must be a sign from god you know? And we were like ...yes. And we just talked to him. He is in some REALLLLY bad stuff, but he was just like thank you. Thank you, thank you! Thank you for talking to me and talking the time to talk to me. Thank you so much I trust you both and I feel so good talking to you. So we taught him a bit of the plan of salvation. And he just talked about how bad his life is. No joke EVERY person that walked by he would ask if they kept walking because he was convinced that he was going to die. That someone was going to kill him and he was like are you guys bullet proof?? and I was like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what??????? I sure hope so!! haha but it was fine. That’s Portland for ya. Anyway, we got his info, unfortunately he is not in our area, so we can't teach him but we sent the referral in. so cool. Then he called us three times in the middle of the night just to tell us he was alive and to say thank you. So cool!!!!

It is awesome. Being a missionary, you are set apart from the world. as a Representative of JESUS CHRIST. We get to feel just a SNIPPET of that love that he has for each and every one of us. And even that little snippet seems so overwhelming to me. I love the Lord, I love that he is there for us every step of the way. He has not forgotten about you, but sometimes we are the ones that turn our back. We turn our back on him and then get mad and wonder where he is, when really, he is there the whole time, you are just not paying attention. Don’t do that! Always include him in everything you do, and I promise you, I PROMISE you as a representative of Jesus Christ!!! I PROMISE you will be happy. I know it.

We put our Islamic investigator on date to be baptized. He is so funny, whenever we start with a prayer he will say "yes I'm waiting. I'm addict!" hahah with his accent. So funny.  It is really hard to teach him for some reason.  He has no foundation of anything, he wasn't active in his Islamic faith and so we have to teach him about god and Jesus Christ…for some reason that is difficult. Plus the language barrier makes things hard. We don't know if he really understands or not. But it is going good!! COOOOL!

SOO this week was SO GOOD, but it was a struggle too. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard in my life. SO let me tell you this story of awesomeness. It was just a slow build up I guess, I was just feeling all these things and getting all upset, but not because I just don't want to get all bawly and stuff. So well...eventually I blew up. So on Saturday I prayed and prayed and prayed and I was like I DO NOT know what to do to make these feelings go away or to even control them. And I just prayed and prayed and prayed and praaaaayed, and I thought about what my mission pres. told me in my interview. To call him if it starts to build up and call him before I burst. So I was like Noooooooo I'm not gonna waste his time, but I WISH I had asked him for a blessing. So now I'm like should I call him? No. wait should I? No. so I don't. Well anyway.  That was on Saturday, well Sunday came and I decided to do my own little fast. so we got to church and after church, like a half hour after, we are still there just talking to people, because EVERYONE ALWAYS has to talk to you, so it takes us forever to get out of there, well I just turn my head and look at someone walking towards me and LO AND BEHOLD - it's President Taylor. And Sister LeBaron and me are like WHOA what the? Why are you here? And he was like “oh I just had to talk to someone”. Well, a couple days previous I was telling sister LeBaron how I wished I had asked him for a blessing, and I wonder when I will see him again to ask him. And we were like what the. So Sister Lebaron asks him “how long you gonna be here?” And he's like “not long”, and she is like “long enough to give a blessing?” And he was like “probably not”, but then he looks at me hahahah and then back at LeBaron and was like “who needs it?” and I was like “me..” and he just smiled and grabbed my shoulder like "I knew it" and then he is like wait here a second. So anyway, I got a blessing from him and I feel like everything I had thought and prayed for was made clearer and it was just the best thing ever. GOD DOESN'T DO RANDOM.  
No joke, then Sister LeBaron was like I hope you know how NOT random that was. That NEVER happens, he NEVER shows up. Ever!  You never see him outside of missionary functions’ or meetings. Ever! She was like God just went out of his way to send the Mission President to you. And after my blessing, Pres. Taylor said, “I knew I had to come down here for something, but I wasn't sure. I thought it was to talk to Elder --- but I guess I really needed to see you.”
GOD. DOESN'T. DO. RANDOM. He is SO aware of us! holy crud!! It was amazing! Oh man. The best. Love the lord people !! I love him!! He is so good to us, and I love Pres. Taylor. The. best.

Anyway. that is it for now I guess. you should watch the Mormon messages "the Hope of God's Light" and "New year’s: Look Not Behind Thee"
ready go.
Love ya!!