Monday, October 13, 2014


Okay, so I turned three on....Thursday? I think? 

So this week was goodish but suckish.
So one of our investigators that we had on date to be baptized dropped us. I was like WHAT? He left a dumb note on the door and left when our appointment was supposed to be. It was like way sad. We had a member with us and she was like trying to be all nice and stuff like… "can I do something for you?”  “This happens all the time I'm sure, It's just the world, it's just how it is" and we were like ticked but trying not to bawl our eyes out and trying to just get back in our car so we could cry hahahah.  She wouldn't leave!! hahaahahah she gave us hugs and we eventually got in the car and drove off and cried. haha. Oh man. It was way sad. It hurts so bad when that happens. He was doing good too, and he said he did his research and he disagrees. The worst part is, that some of the members were taking the matter into their own hands and doing things and telling us what to do and all that. It was annoying. But anyway,That is all sorted out now.

We got to go see “Meet the Mormons”. It was waaay good. Go see it!  It isn't preachy or doctrinal at all, it just shows the organization of the church a little and just stories from LDS people showing that we are just everyone else!  It was funny, inspiring, weepy..really good. 

The day we got dropped we found another investigator. He is realllly cool. He is always trying to meet with us every chance he gets. He says he really wants change and he doesn't like any other church but for "some reason" he is talking to us and likes talking to us because he feels like we are actually helping him

Yesterday, we were like DESPERATE to talk to people. there was like NO ONE on the streets and we only had an hour, and it gets dark REALLY fast, so we can't be out too late, so we were like crap. We have to get at least 10 oyms a day. It is a promise from an apostle that if we do that, our baptisms will double.  I have already seen that blessing. Not necessarily in baptisms, but we always find new investigators when we get the numbers.  I know that numbers are not success, but it does show progress.  And when we can get the goals that are set by the mission pres. we see those blessings. So...we were like running around trying to talk to people. We always ask in our prayers that we will have the courage and faith to talk to people and be bold in our purpose.  Well, usually when people are like across the street we don't really talk to them, or sometimes they cross the street so they don't talk to us, or avoid eye contact and it is super awkward, but we were like you know what? we can't afford it. we cannot afford NOT to talk to people, EVEN if we are ahead in our OYMS (open you mouth) so we were like chasing people down, crossing the street just to talk to them, walking down streets we didn't plan to because there is someone there instead of just walking the planned route. That's what we should do. geez.  I have never felt so good! I just felt all happy and fuzzy in my heart. it was awesome.  Geez why is it so hard to talk to people? It is like the talk "which way do you face?" by Lynn G. Robbins from general conference.  Read it. We are servants of the Lord. We are here to do HIS work. Not to please the people.  I am called of God. I have authority. I have been set apart to preach his word. and that is what I'm gonna do gosh dang it! So starting from now on, I'm making it a goal to be more BOLD.  

Pssh! let me just tell you this random dumb story.  We bought some dove chocolate last P-day...sorry I said I would be good.. hehehe and in the wrappers it has little sayings and quotes. Well the one I opened up it was like RIGHT before bed..I just had one!! Anyway, it said "sleep late tomorrow" I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage. I hate you, Dove. I hate you. What is sleep? hahahah

TRANSFERS... yes you all have been wanting to know. well guess what. I'm not getting transfered. and Neither is Sister LeBaron. She was SHOCKED. She was SO CERTAIN she was gonna leave and I was like I'm gonna laugh SO hard when you stay here. HA! In her face! I do love her so much, yes she drives me crazy, but I was hoping she would leave so I can take over and learn to be the one in charge!  I told her I wanted my time to shine, mostly because I wanted people to not see me as "the new one" yes I am still refered to as that by the members and I want to PUNCH them. In the mission we were told we CANNOT call people that because we have all been set apart, I can be just a good a missionary as the next guy.  Anyway.  But she was like sorry, I got you all pumped up for me to leave and you were right and I'm staying! So..yeah.  

On Monday we watch a movie together, the Joseph Smith movie. We bawled our eyes out and ate ice cream..yes like you do when you watch a chick flick, but chick flicks are dumb. Anyway. it was funny.  Then in our comp. inventory, we cried our eyes out thinking it was our last one. HA! Oh man. I still have yet to laugh at her. 

Anyway. I think that is it. Oh and we got to have interviews with our mission Pres. this week too. That was fine. Okay NOW that is it.