Monday, September 22, 2014


So..last week was major suckage.
This week is major awesome.
It's miracle time :-)

Okay so first off our mission came out with this new vision we have set some goals for the next 3 months, so in the next 9 days, we are going to find 400 investigators as a mission...stuff like that. And so that is pretty cool.
SO remember Valarie? I think I told you guys about her..if not go to the blog and read back a bit or maybe I'm crazy.. I can't seem to remember what I have told people. ANYWAY. We tracted into her and I thought for SURE she was gonna be mean to us, but she was like super nice and was like Oh hey!! And she gave us hugs. And so after that it was hard to get into contact with her. so last weekend, we were on exchanges and I stayed here and led my area...crazy.. anyway, I wanted to go see her and she didn't answer the door of course so my comp was like leave a note on her door, so I did, and she freaking called!! What the?!?!?!?  so we actually had an appointment with her and it was weird but I was like YESSSSS!!!! 
This past Friday, Sister LeBaron and I decided to make a sacrifice because of a story she heard while on exchanges about a missionary that was like the bomb and then he went to this area and nothing was happening, there was no spirit in that area, so they made a sacrifice and had lots of cool things happen, so we did the same thing. Our commitment was to be happy anyway REGARDLESS of the situation or how we feel. we are GOING to be happy, (maybe that one was more for me...) we were going to be obedient, and be BOLD and talk to EVERYONE we see. so on weekly planning day, which is Friday, we always like to snack and eat, so we fasted instead.  This week we found 5 new investigators, got referrals like crazy, and less actives that wouldn't come to church came (both teaching them and not) , investigators that struggled coming to church came, it was freaking amazing. No joke, I was like I have never in my life seen this congregation so full. It was insane. We were like grinning from ear to ear, we were like HOLY CRAP so and so is here!! Look there is that person! We were like flipping out. BUT WAIT!! THERE'S MORE!  last night, we went tracting, and we only knocked a few doors till we got to this one house, these was this girl sitting outside, and her dad was working on a car and so we said hello, and she was like hi! and she smiled so big at us and came over and started talking to us, her name is Ashley, she is a 15 yr. old girl and we talked to her about religion and stuff obviously....duh....but she said she said she isn't sure if she believes in a god but she believes in a higher being, a lot of the stuff she was saying we were like yeah that is what we believe and she just kept saying she loved how we approached her and that we were so welcoming and open and just like normal people and we weren't trying to shove anything down her throat, and we were "cool" and so we taught her mostly about god and who he is and the characteristics and stuff, and she was saying that she believes in spirituality and energies and things, and so we taught her about the holy ghost and so she was wondering about how we receive answers and stuff and how the spirit talks to you, and so I read her Helaman 5:30 (one of my faves) and I looked up at her after I read it, and she just hesitated and was like...I just got shivers, I feel so good I feel this way and we were like freaking out on the inside and we were like that's the spirit! she kept saying that the whole time while we talked to her, anyway, we gave her a Book Of Mormon, and got a return appointment with her, and invited her to pray to heavenly father to know if the things we taught are true and if she is his child and loves her and all that, and so I was like you know can we say a prayer with you so you can see how we do it? and she was like that would be so cool, so I said a prayer and she was like totally crying and stuff and I was like umm you're gold...get baptized..okay didn't say that to her face, I just told her again that she was feeling the spirit and she was like that is so cool, this is so cool. Then we left and we walked back to the car and I'm crying and sister Lebaron is flipping out and we get back to the apartment and start like screaming and rejoicing and what not… we do this thing where we hug and jump up and down and then we stomp on each other’s toes and then we laugh really hard and is stupid but fun hahah so we did that , and then yeah! Cool beans!! Whooooooot!!!

Alicia & Dad - I have converted one of my investigators to the 'okay byeeee!" HE TOTALLY DOES IT!!! hahaha oh man we left the other day from an appointment with him and he shut the door and then opened it again and was like oh! Okay byyeeee!! HAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!! HE IS CONVERTED!!!!! 

OH!! We ate dinner with this one family, we had breakfast for dinner, ummm she made us waffles, and she puts sour cream and strawberries on it..SO good. Just sayin.

We had a lesson with a less active member we have been teaching and it was awesome, he calls us like 3 or 4 times a day asking what he should read or he will just tell us these random things and we are like uhhhhh..sooo what do you need then? hahahah anyway, we wanted to teach him about personal revelation and how he can do it so hopefully he can find some confidence in himself. the spirit talks to all of us differently so something I give him to read might not touch him the way it did me…so we wanted to teach him that. So we go in and are teaching and sister Lebaron and I just struggled, like we didn't really know what to say but at the same time it wasn't terrible, but we knew we had to teach something else and we didn't know what. But then he started telling us about his wife (the lady we made the card for, go look at the pics- she hates us so bad and it is WAY funny.. anyway) and how she is less active and wants to leave the church. and that bothers him and there is something he shared with us in his patriacrchal blessing and so he was like why isn't this happening, and so we taught him about being an example, and we read alma 17:11 with him and he just stated crying and the spirit was like flooding into that room and so we were like ahh okay. Thank you Heavenly Father we were gonna start to panic, but it is awesome how that just works out, the spirit truly can take what you have prepared to teach and morph it or direct it into what needs to be taught. so cool.

In regards to last week and this week being awesome, sister Lebaron was like it is always darkest before the dawn! She said Satan knows, he knows!  we are supposed to be here, and he knows that we have a great work to do and he is gonna do that, so when you feel like crap and want to give up you just KNOW there are miracles around the corner!  Pretty cool.

I GOTTA HOLD A BABY SQUIRREL GUYS!!! IT was so flippen cute. holy. fetch.

I think that is is for now! okay Byyyeeee!!