Monday, January 12, 2015

Vancouver at last

So I am in Vancouver now. I still don't know my address... So if you-
would like to send anything send it to the mission office
2223 NW 99th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665

I live with members, the Child family. They are pretty cool, also
their daughter is serving in the Provo, Utah mission, she was
companions with sister Dahl, I thought that was pretty cool, and Bro
and Sis child thought that was pretty cool. Anyway small world I

My companion is Sister Zeyer. She is from Provo. She is the oldest and
has 2 younger brothers. She is interesting but I love her. She has
really long brown hair; it is pretty much down to her bum. But she is
sweet, a bit sassy and a little controlling but we get along. I don't
want to predetermine anything but I would not be surprised if this
companionship is difficult... She has been here in this area for 6
months. I'm a little intimidated to be her companion because she seems
to have a "this is MY area" attitude, so I do really know what to do
or what she expects of me. I try to avoid contention as much as
possible. She is just really hard to read.

We had a car when I first got here but we got it taken away because I
guess another area needed it more. So we no longer have a car, but our
area is pretty small compared to most. So it really isn't a big deal.
But it does make some things a lot harder. We have to be really on top
of how we use our time so we can get things done. Luckily the members
seem pretty willing to help too so we can get rides if we need.

As Sister Zeyer says - we have 2 pretty solid investigators who pretty
much know they will get baptized. So that is kind of exciting. I don't
really feel like I will much part of that process since they are
pretty much almost done with the lessons, but it will still be cool to

I really don't know what else to say, this week is kind of a blur and
transfer weeks always seem to be less productive. Especially now since
we are adjusting to walking everywhere. I'm actually pretty happy
about that.

The members are nice and I feel that they understand their purpose
better, they are really funny and it seems like a really great Ward.
So yeah, that is it for now I guess!