Monday, January 5, 2015

6 Months and 2nd Transfer!

So on Wednesday I will be in my SECOND AREA: Vancouver zone, Mountain View Ward

My comp will be Sister Zeyer.

I only got to be with Sister Hughes for 3 dang weeks! Lame sauce! I
love Sister Hughes, so sad.
Then it was my last Sunday and it was fast and testimony meeting and
so my WML was like “you are prepared to give your testimony right?” And
I was like “yeah yeah.” Oh man talk about tear fest. It is the saddest
thing in the world! I can't gosh dang leave rocky butte! Man. It's

We had pepper salted squid this week, thank you Brother Krein! It was
the best thing I have had in my life! So good!

Cecelia dropped us. So no baptism for her. Bummer.
And of course, when we get transferred out we find all these awesome
people that we can't even teach because we are leaving.  This area is
being white-washed, so there will now be Elders in rocky butte.

We went on exchanges this week, so I got to have my last exchange with
Sister Fitt.  Super sad. But it was fun.

Honestly I can't remember much that happened from this week, I can't
seem to remember 5 seconds ago sometimes. Sister Hughes is hilarious
and I don't want her to leave! Bah!

So... I think that is it for now, next week will be crazy getting all
settled in, and trying to learn new people and a new area and all that
fun stuff.

Happy New Year!