Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year


This week has been good.
We have Cecelia on date for baptism in Jan, so pray like crazy that we can help her make it!!! 
It seems like some things have just fallen into our laps this week we found a lot of new potentials and are pretty excited to start moving with that list.
No weird orange hair guys have hugged me so that is always a plus.
I really love Sister Hughes; I hope we can stay together this coming transfer.  She probably thinks I'm crazy! There was one day we were tracting and I saw a big orange cat, and I was like "kitty!!" and I was like kissing at it and telling it to come here and she goes "whoa.." and I was like “what?”  And she sees the cat and was like OH! There was a little greenish blue cat statue and she thought I was talking to it hahah, It is so funny! I'm not the best story teller, so it was probably funnier if you saw it. But she is funny and we have a good time together. We are very similar in lots of ways (which can be annoying) but we get along, and I really enjoy her.

We have an oriental place next to us called HONG PHAT, so we went and got some goodies hahaha...them rice crackers good and miso soup! Sweet!

Also, I will be sending out letters, but thank you all so much for sending cards and gifts and think of us during Christmas, we were spoiled!!
Thank you all very much!
Love ya!