Monday, December 15, 2014

First Transfer!!!

So- we are getting "ET'ed" this week or and "emergency transfer" but not really, it is just a weird transfer because some people are going home so they can go to school so with the scheduling it would have been messed up so they just cut it in half. So I will stay here in Rocky Butte, and Sister LeBaron is going to Longview.  

We had interviews this week, that was good.  I always hate talking to Pres. Taylor but then I feel better after, for the most part. He said "I don't know why I kept you two together for so long" and I was thinking I'm glad you now realize that!! hahah. My new companion will be Sister Hughes.

We also went on exchanges. I got to go to Washington with Sister Schmokel. I don't know how to spell her last name right, but she is cool. I love her. It was great!

Okay y'all better pray for me this week because on Sunday, because sister LeBaron is a turd hahaha she told them that I play the viola, and she was going to sing but now she is getting transferred…so guess who gets to take her place. I have not played for like 2 years and I will have VERY little time to practice so just pray for me k?? hahaha. But seriously, pray that I will do a decent job.  This will give me an opportunity to keep my promise to Mr. Davis - which was "if you get any compliments- you say "Mr. Davis Taught me that!" hehe mostly with Vibrato, he was surprised at how fast I picked it up, but I kinda already knew how to do it from watching him.  I will try to do a good job for him :-)

Nothing too exciting this week. Sorry.  We did have a good lesson with Herb and Josh; Herb said he believes the gospel and priesthood were restored through joseph smith so we were like HOLY! He usually doesn't tell us anything so this is amazing.
Christiana Sweetwood, we are trying to teach her family, she has been kinda sick lately though but we had a good lesson with her about how the gospel blesses families and that was awesome.
We met a guy in McDonalds because our iPad didn't work and they had free Wi-Fi, he isn't a new investigator yet, but he had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and it was really cool, so we will see how that goes.

That's it for now. Hope you all have a good week.