Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas


******I WILL BE SKYPING HOME AT 5:00 PM YOUR TIME**** if that needs to change we will call before, and give you some time to get things set up, the reason it is so late is because Sister Hughes mom works weird hours so she wanted to make sure she was home :-) so...if anything changes I will call dad's cell ok? Ok :-)

Transfers came and went, it is super weird having a new companion, and honestly we are crazy similar in some ways...I see how some of my ways and mannerisms can be so annoying and frustrating. haha, but she really is great. She has been out for 4 months (interesting companionship, I know) she is also from Orem, and NO I didn't know her, apparently she was in the marching band, but she went to Mountain View but she took band at Orem High, so she also had Mr. Summers. Anyway. She looked familiar to me but other than that…didn't know her.  Sister Hughes is her name :-)

We went out street contacting one day and this guy with this orange wig thing on passed us so we started talking to him...he had something up with him and I tried to give him a card and he started hugging me and I was looking at my companion like SAVE ME!! Don’t just stand there!! hahah and she is just laaaughing..Jerk. Anyway the funniest part of the story is that we went to dinner right after with the Vippermans (LOOOOVE them!) and Bro. Vipperman was like “Did I see you getting hugged by some dude with Orange Hair?” and I was like.....yes.... and he was like “I saw it and thought "should I go save them?" and I was like ohh my heck!! haha I was like so embarrassing that you witnessed that…and he just laughed. Oh man so funny! 

Bro Vipperman is in the YM presidency and they are just killin' it. They are so awesome with their calling.

So I was volunteered by my former companion to play in sacrament in her place since she was getting transfered. they asked her to sing, but she was leaving so she is like OH SISTER MORGAN PLAYS THE VIOLA! and I was like I hate you. so Sister Wilkinson wrote me some music, and I had it but there were lots of things that needed to be changed, so Saturday roles along and I FINALLY get the music. Plus I haven't played in like 2 years, PLUS I'm a MISSIONARY so I don't have hours and hours to practice, the work is my first priority, anyway, so I played 3 songs, and wow, it was terrible. I was shaking SO bad, and it was just bad. Oh man. I guess it could have been worse but holy…and brother Krein, bless him, he was like a little kid and he was like WOW great job!! That was fantastic! Wow!! and I was like BLESS YOU GOOD SIR!! haha. She wants me to play one more piece... and I'm like yo sister--did you HEAR that?! 

Anyway, the holidays really slow things down because everyone is out of town and all that, so lots of people we are teaching don't want to meet with us. But we found one guy named Scott, he said we could come back and he seemed pretty nice and sincere about it. So we will see how that goes.

Okay byee.

I think I know who sent me this, but I'm not 100% sure, there was no
address on the box, but to whomever sent this, thank you! Very cute,
and also tasty! :)