Monday, December 8, 2014

5 months


We had a mission Christmas party on the 2nd. It was nice to go to the temple with our mission Pres. and mom (Sister Taylor) we spent the rest of the day at the mission office and didn't get home till like 8:30pm.

It seems like the work here has slowed waaaaaaaay down.  We still don't have any progressing investigators, we are considering who to drop, for certain people, revelation is harder to recognize--perhaps we aren't getting any BECAUSE we are supposed to drop them.  And it has been difficult to talk to people, it has been cold and wind and a bit rainy this week, so no one is really out walking around on the streets, but then no one answers their doors either. So that is super frustrating.

BECCA & MELISSA - oh girls, I sent you a card today, but I just wanted to tell you again for the 80th time...thank you thank you thank you!!! For the package you sent me, you are so sweet to think of me and it made my day!! Thank you for putting such a cute idea together for me!! Love ya!!!

We invited Herb and Josh to be baptized, they literally went silent, and it was so freaking awkward. So...yeah, but they agree with like everything we teach them so what the flip? 

THEN I find out my most favorite teacher in the WORLD passed away. Man I am so mad at myself. I thought about going to see him SO MUCH before my mission and I was dumb and never did. Then last week he was in my mind like crazy and I was like what the? And I was missing orchestra and UVYSO and private lessons and all that and I was telling my comp all these memories and stories and then -- that. bah-hum-bug. 
Anyway.  Not much to report on this week.