Monday, December 1, 2014

Temple Tomorrow!!!

Hope Thanksgiving was good for you all. I feel like so much happened this week but at the same time like NOTHING happened this week.
So last Monday began the drama of the was a hard day, then Tuesday and Wednesday we were in a Trio with Sister Cone (or “Ray of Sunshine” she should be called) and then Sister LeBaron got sick and we were stuck in the house for like 3 days, then I thought I was getting what she had but luckily I am fine. Oh man. I am so sick of sickness. It is like on and off and I'm like okay. I'm done. And I'm taking my vitamin D okay? :-) Then we made some trips to talk to president and it has just been crazy. Okay.

SO. I have just really been struggling with myself and why I am not seeming to change, or just get over certain things concerning the way I am. Well Lo and behold Sister Morgan discovered what we call a brain. And USED IT. Wow. So I was like “okay what the flip can I do that is in MY control to help me change and be better and also more effective tool/missionary?”.  Well-"Without charity you are nothing" Moroni 7. Read it. So one day in personal study I'm just totally ticked and feeling crappy and frustrated and I was like praying my guts out to be like “WHAT THE HECK should I do so that I can be a nice civil person?” Well I opened PMG to the Christ like attributes, I had been thinking charity for a while but I had never really looked at it that much or made goals. So as I was praying my guts out I was like I will look at that. I so read through it and read all the scriptures with it and by the time personal study was over I felt like a million bucks. Then I was like WHAT THE CRAP SISTER! Why didn't you figure this out sooner?! Geez. Anyway, so I have made goals and such to help me become more charitable. Hopefully. We will see.

I also started a gratitude journal. The Rules are - you have to write in it EVERY DAY, at least ONE thing, and you CANNOT repeat ANYTHING ever. So far so good! It really does help. (Shocker right?) But when we are so focused on the bad and the negative (which I am PRO at,) we only find the bad and negative, but when we focus on the good, we find more good and see how much blessings we truly do have. So that is your job, go to Walmart, get a tiny notebook and start a gratitude Journal.

We had our last lesson with one of our members Philip, SO SAAAAD. But now we are teaching his brother so it will be cool, all is well, all is well!!!

We dropped Brother Pyle this week. Did I tell you that whole story? Okay here it is BRACE YOURSELVES. (novel coming up): So, it was during weekly planning like a month or so ago, we were like what the flip are we going to do with Bro. Pyle? He has some mental illnesses, and so for that reason things are kinda difficult for him. BUT he is still able to do plenty. Anyway. He never keeps his commitments and I had been thinking of just dropping him for a while anyway. So I finally present the idea to my companion and she was like “no..I don't know..umm”. Annoying.  Bro. Pyle's goal is to be active in the church and go to the temple, he has been taught by the missionaries for like a year now, and he still hasn't done anything. So we had started to be more upfront with him. He gets babied a lot and so I was like I'm DONE with that! So he called and he was making all these excuses and saying he didn't feel up to coming to church.  So we got all frustrated with him and I was about to throw the phone across the room so I was like “we need to go now, sorry”. We were both getting angry so we had to cool off and get the spirit back so we could talk to him. So we would call him every Sunday to get him to come to church, when he didn't we called him that night and asked him why he didn't come. So after much frustration and lessons and phone calls, we are like okay make a plan and pray about it. So while we were praying Sister Lebaron asked if it was right to drop him. Then after the prayer she was like I got tingles...that means it is right.. haha! So I was like well I agree. then we are still trying to figure everything out and he calls us and tells us to call a lady in another ward because she knows him better and I was like great, he probably called her and told her we were mean or something to him and so now she is gonna chew us out. so I call her and she was like yeah if you need to drop him that is fine I get it, and we were like what the, she backed us up and was nice to us. Amazing! Brother Pyle has made Sloooooooooow progress but that is over the course of 2-3 yrs, and then he calls us and tells us that all the symptoms he is having are because of meds. and so we are like okay, well that is not his fault and we can't get after him for now what? do we still drop him or what? so then he actually starts making an effort to come to church, and we were like what? Now he is trying and stuff, what the heck do we do NOW? are we still dropping him?? and so, feeling rather conflicted we pray again and get this whooosh of peace over us when we asked if that was still the plan basically, so we are like okay we are dropping him. THEN he is like doing so good, he is like all the sudden keeping his commitments (still not coming to church though) and we were like oh my heck, this is not happening, what the heck are we going to do he is doing so good NOW, but we are told to drop him. Now at the time I was like I don't want to question the Lord, I had remembered something Bishop Woolley told me when I was trying to figure out going on a mission, he said "The Lord doesn't just change his mind. Once he gives you a confirmation, that's it, after that it is a trial of your faith." I have always remembered that. So I was like Sister LeBaron, we have had TWO confirmations to drop him, we are dropping him. end of story. so we were all freaked out to do it and still feeling SO uncertain and before we went in to that lesson we were so nervous because of how he could react. well, Joan, his wife was there too, and she is on and off hating us, and so we are like if she is there are we still dropping him, what do we do. I realize now as I type this how dumb all my thoughts are..whoops. But I was like no, I'm done putting things off to the side for her sake, she doesn't even care, if she is there we are doing the lesson we have planned and then dropping him. So we prayed our guts out so we could do this lovingly and that he wouldn't be crushed. Well, to end this, we left and he had a big smile on his face and no tears were shed. BOOM. The Lord is amazing folks. Holy cow.

We have started teaching Leon and had an awesome restoration lesson with him. He is super gold, and he studies like crazy and asked for a blessing and comes to church and asks tons of questions. But then he read online somewhere about Joseph Smith and his 30 wives, called us and told us to get lost. He didn't even give us a chance to explain anything to him and he just hung up on us so I was like ...great. That was this morning. What a great start to the day. People and their dang agency. We’ll see what happens there. He has an awesome friend that is a member that he visits regularly, so hopefully she can talk some sense into him.

HOLY!! TOMORROW IS THE MISSION CHRISTMAS PARTY, and guess where I get to go?!?! THE TEMPLE!!! AH!!! I can hear the angels singing!! Oh man I can't wait. I CAN NOT WAIT. TOMORROW. you're only a daaaay away!!!!

Okay so just something I want to share with you all in closing. I LOVE the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love him. I didn't always, but before my mission and now on my mission I just love that man.  There is no way that he was not a prophet of God. No way. I could not imagine what he went through to do the work that God had for him, I have just been thinking a ton about that lately, but I think Elder Holland sums up some of my thoughts better, so I will let you listen to him Go here -->

Okay wait one more thing. Tis the season :-)  The Savior is the most important.  We just had Thanksgiving and now Christmas is around the corner.  What is the greatest gift you have been given? Are we thankful for the savior and his life, that he so freely gave for us?  It is his Gospel, his life, his sacrifice that brings true meaning into anything. I hope we can remember that not only this time of the year but every day. Watch this one too -->

Okay, that's it, adios!