Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving


We finally got a new Ward Mission Leader. We were so worried about who it was going to be, but it is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, they did some changing and now Brother Krein is our WML. Pretty happy about that. 

Oh and no, I'm not getting transferred...still in the same area, with the same comp.

We were going to drop Brother Pyle this past Saturday but then he canceled the appointment. Now we are like “what the fetch do we do?”  That whole situation has been so confusing, we are pretty sure we have had 2 confirmations now to drop him and that we were making the right choice to do so and for some reason now we are like what the? Anyway that is a looong story. We will see what happens.

We ate with the Tongans this week, The Afolau's. I really love them. Brother Afolau told us about the Tongan culture. Whenever we go to their house, the table is FULL of food, and we are like whoa. Holy.  But he said "in Tonga, they always wait for the missionaries to come. And give ALL they have to the missionaries, but really it is not for you, it is for the person you represent.  We do it for him.  We always tell you to eat more, eat more, because in Tonga, they don't eat the left overs, they have their own meal and whatever the missionaries don't eat they throw out to the pigs and dogs. They don't eat the missionary food"  He got all emotional about it, it was such a cool thing that he told us and it meant a lot to me, I'm surprised I wasn't in tears (weird I know.)  

Hope all is well on the home front, hope you all have a good Thanksgiving as well!

Tokoua Morgan ('Sister' in tongan! sweeet!)