Monday, November 10, 2014

4 Months Out

This is probably going to be the shortest letter ever.
I can't remember hardly anything this week. It was such a blur and not the best week. I got to be on some meds that reacted interestingly with me...soo...I'm sure for my companion it was hilarious.

We dropped a lot of our investigators this week. It is just super frustrating when they don't progress or keep commitments.  I feel like it is always the same thing and so of course I think I am doing something wrong.  We did find some new gators this week too though.

Yesterday we went to visit a less active member Denise. We just ran into her one day forever ago and we just stopped by whenever after that. She was always home and she has 5 dogs that I just absolutely love. Anyway, we were debating on when to see her because our schedule was crazy and she is moving soon (so freaking sad...) and so we wanted to see her as much as we possibly can before she leaves. So we went over yesterday and we knock on the door. We heard a lot of commotion inside and people saying "oh great who's here?" and her boyfriend/husband thing (I don't know the relationship) answered the door and was like “oh…” so then he turns to say something to her and we hear rather loudly "ARE MY MISSIONARIES HERE? IS IT MY MISSIONARIES?" and she comes out and is just so upset and crying and was like “I'm so glad you're here! I'm so glad you're here”. And she gave us hugs and told us why she is upset and I guess one of her friends is really sick and in ICU and they don't know if she will make it.  So she was like “we have to say a prayer”. And “this is perfect timing and I'm so glad you're here”. I guess before we showed up she was telling her guests that they couldn't be upset and sad and that they had to put good energy out for their friend, and then we showed up and so I guess that proved her point hahaha at least that is what she took it as.  God doesn't do random.  

With our other less active, Bro. Pyle, he really struggles coming to church. It is so frustrating because he will call us and tell us how much we help him and what a good lesson we gave and all that, but then he doesn't gosh dang come to church!  Da flip?  So I was all like I don't know what he needs to be taught. And last Sunday we called him before church to get him to come and he was like I don't feel up to it.  For some reason Sister LeBaron has made me the one in charge when he calls. He likes to talk for like 20 minutes on the phone during our daily planning, but anway, I talked to him and was just like “you know what? I'm done babying you”. I didn't say that to him but I was bold. I was like if you keep doing all the things you've done you're going to get the same result every time. I tried to teach him about faith and how we have to CONTINUOUSLY nourish it.  Or it dies. No matter how strong your faith is, if you neglect it. It dies.  And I was like you HAVE to come to church. And he was like I need to pray about it. And I was like no. you don't.  You already know that it is a commandment so of course the answer is going to be yes. Get your butt to church!  My goodness.  I was a lot nicer I promise. But the thing is - there should NEVER be an excuse as to why you can't fulfill a commandment.  Well I guess there are few good excuses, but even then there is a lady in our ward that can't even move, she has cerebral palsy and she comes to church every week. EVERY WEEK. She comes to activities, she comes to everything. And she is just happy to be there! There is no excuse. Go to church.

to cousin Jennifer - I wear my gloves and scarf alllll the time and I LOOOOOVE them!!!! thank you!!!!

Anyway.  I think that is like all I remember. So I hope you are all healthy and well.
Love you all.