Monday, November 3, 2014

Almost 4 months out

Ok first off, I am on some meds...and not really working that well with my brain, so if there are an extra amount of typos or this doesn't make sense...very sorry. I'm doing my best! Reading, typing and writing is hard so we will see how this goes.

So this week, our zone leaders had a huge push to get people on date for baptism. We invited 4 people and 3 of them said no, and then one of them, yesterday - Francine, she said yes! So sweeeet!! We have her on date for Dec. 6th. I really hope we can help her progress. She is so flippen awesome and already knows how to feel or recognize the spirit and she is like there is something missing with the other churches and their pastors. Anyway she is so awesome.  

This weekend we did exchanges. I stayed in my area again with Sister Fitt and it was awesome.  We had a weird experience though with drunk guys hugging my companion and kissing her on the head and stuff and I was SUPER uncomfortable and praying my guts out that Heavenly Father would help us get the heck out of there. He would block our way with his big dogs and tell us we weren't leaving. But then his dogs moved and he just glanced over the other way and we booked it out of there!  Creepsters.  Poor Sister Fitt. I think I am mean to them when they try to do that crap. I don't giggle or say thank you I'm just like I'm a missionary. This is my message. Then they don't really care about me and they pick on my comp haha, well... I'm not here to flirt so...sorry.

We did this huge service project on Saturday. This guy’s house was literally overgrown with black berry bushes. They were literally on the top of his house and going through his windows and stuff. We planned 8am to noon but got done at like 10:30 am so that was awesome. We were supposed to have opportunity to get lots of new investigators, but none of them showed, and Tom (the blackberry home owner) didn't really care much for us teaching him. Drats.

We met with Herb this week, he is pretty awesome. That was on Sat. during exchanges. It was a chaotic lesson but an awesome one. We took a member with us and Herbs sons came in and sat in on the lesson and asked a ton of questions. At first I was worried that one of them was being too pushy for my member but man she was SOLID. She was so awesome the way she answered the questions and things. Later I told her I hoped she didn't feel attacked and she was like "of course not, he just really wanted to know!" and I was like-you. Are . Legit. But I was teaching one of the sons the restoration while our member was teaching Herb something in the BOM and Sister Fitt was like uhhhhhh hahahah it was way funny.  The son’s left for a second and came back out and was like “You know what? Do you have one of those books? I'm curious now!”  So we gave them both a Book of Mormon. And I asked them to read 1 Nephi 13. It talks about the bible and why we need the Book of Mormon...well another reason why we need it. You should read that chapter. It’s good! So that was INCREDIBLE. 3 potential baptisms there and they are so fun to teach, it can be overwhelming because they use fancy language and things and I'm like what the heck, speak English. What are you saying?!  But they are very kind and respectful. I love them tons.

I got to go to the doctor this week and that was just great. They don't really know what the fetch is up but at least it is not like life or death haah. But I got to try all sorts of meds this week and that has been an adventure. was weekly planning and we were not allowed to proselyte.  Well they told us not to, but some missionaries did. So we were like “what are we allowed to do!?!?”  Some told us not to go out after dark, some told us not to go out at all unless to set appointments. But we had fun..sorta. haha.

Franciiineee!! She was a referral from the zone leaders. I'm just so flippen excited about her. I know I already mentioned her least I think I did…anyway. She was so awesome. We used some analogies in the restoration and she was like OH! yeah!! That makes so much sense I LOVE that analogy, thanks for sharing that. She just seemed so excited about it. I am sometimes hesitant to get excited too because last time that happened we got dropped. But I am so excited for Francine. She has a cool story too that she shared with us. She is a 45 yr old super sweet black lady that makes food that smells good. hahah.  She was so cool to teach. She has already been baptized twice in some other church, but she didn't put up that argument with us when we invited her and put her on date, which I'm glad, but now I hope she doesn't think she can just be baptized whenever she wants. But anway...she is legit.

I don't really want to type anymore. Sorry for all the typos. I think that is it for now.
Love ya!
Thanks for sending me pics of Halloween costumes and things they look fun!! I hope you all have had a good week.
Love ya.