Monday, January 19, 2015



This week has been kinda boring I guess. I love to have no car and be
walking, but at the same time it makes things a bit harder. We really
have to use our time perfectly or it seems there is not enough time
in the day to get anything done. We have pretty much spent all our
time Tracting this week,  which kinda bugs me. I know we have to do
that, but we also have people that already told us we could come back
and I hate putting that off.  Sister Zeyer likes to get the OYM's for
the day but that literally takes several hours then we have to go
home because it is dark and we are not supposed to be out walking. We
try to get members to drive us around after dinner so we can go visit
people, but for some reason it just doesn't happen. It is just
frustrating because I feel like I am so unproductive. Then on top of
that we never seem to get our dumb weekly planning done so that drags
out and I'm like this is so flippen unorganized!! Bah!
I felt pretty bad for my comp though, her toes were all bloody, but
luckily we got it all figured out, she just hurts a bit now. We sure
get some good exercise though! We walked home last night, it was only
3 miles, but it felt like 10 haha. But I'm happy to be walking!  It
takes us a little more than an hour to walk to the opposite end of our
area, which is where most of the houses are of course.

Anyway, on the brighter side we did find ONE new investigator after
talking to literally 20 people. We get to go visit her tonight so I'm
pretty excited about that. Her name is Miranda is married and has a
little girl. Sweet! Our other 2 supposedly solid investigators Isabel
and Cortina, things are mostly good with them. We finished teaching
Isabel all the lessons this week, but she has some issues with her
family and she says she feels pressured. Her family isn't super
supportive of her. She is 17. With Cortina, we are almost done
teaching her the lessons, and she has some concerns too about coffee
and stuff. But she says I know I will get baptized. They both want to
get baptized and are pretty certain about that... It is just a matter
of when.

So get this, I have a companion that doesn't like chocolate...umm?
What? How can you not like chocolate? Hehe... She likes white
chocolate but not regular chocolate.  Weird.

We had dinner with some members, and it was pretty funny, the member
was like okay sister Morgan get ready for interrogation, we don't care
about where you are from or how many siblings you have, we want to
know all the crap you have had to eat, what is the worst thing you
have had to eat on your mission? Haha, that family is a hoot, so

Anyway, Vancouver is different. It is nice but people seem to be a
little more harsh here. They are pretty wealthy here too. There are
some farms here, and there is even a grass strip that someone uses
for their planes - like a mini runway, kinda cool. It has been pretty
rainy this week, just a little more than usual. But it really just
feels like fall in Utah. Not too cold. On Tuesday it was sooo nice it
was sunny and blue skies and warm. We didn't need our coats! It was
great! But so far this area is nice, we have to heavily rely on the
members for pretty much everything: rides, people to teach, lessons,
etc. the members here are a little better as far as their willingness
to help, t it is still difficult because people are busy busy!

I think that is it for now :) love ya, miss ya, soon it will be 7
months that I've been gone, crazy, where did the time go, it goes
fast, but slow... It is weird!
Have a good week!