Monday, February 9, 2015

7 Months Strong


I don't really feel like there is too much to report on this week.
I have vertigo again! I have not felt good this week.
Cortina is still on date and doing really well and is on track to be
baptized on the 22nd. We have it all arranged and we have our last
lesson with her on Thursday and we will get the program all worked
out. Really exciting!

Isabel is a tough and weird situation. She is done with all the
lessons, she knows that this is true and she says she knows she needs
to be baptized and she wants to be baptized. But she says she wants to
feel more comfortable. And so we were like...well, in the gospel,
comfort isn't necessarily a good thing. She is kinda hard to figure
out and she says she doesn't know what is holding her back, but since
she is 17 there are issues with her family being supportive and stuff,
so we will see where that goes. We don't want to push her away but we
don't know what to do to pull her in and help her progress.

We will find out about transfers this Friday. This transfer went by so fast.

Happy 7 months to me :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love you all
~Sister Morgan