Monday, February 2, 2015

Transfer's coming

Hey everyone, how's it going?

Cortina is on date! It was a cool story because she has had a problem with coffee. We prayed and prayed that she would be able to overcome it. And so Wednesday night we had a lesson with her. We were nervous because we knew we would have to bring up the coffee thing eventually. And last time that happened she almost walked away completely. But we get started and she was like "so I'm ready to be baptized" and we were just like...”oh are you?!”  And she was like “yeah I have not had any coffee since my last surgery. Which was almost TWO MONTHS AGO!”  She hadn't told us because she just wanted to make sure she knew everything else that we needed to teach her and if she felt she could actually keep the commitment. But we were like...wha? We were so shocked!  And then she picked a date and asked Brother Morgan if he would baptize her! February 22nd :) 
So I'm not gonna lie, I was bad, and I was feeling kinda discouraged because I was like well I haven't done anything. I have nothing to do with this, and I just kinda felt bummed because I just want to feel like I'm actually doing something and being an effective missionary.  However, I had to quickly correct myself. When it all comes down to it, it is the Lord.  I have found so many times in my mission where we work as hard as we can and we see miracles, but not where we expected them. We can talk to people all day if we wanted to and none of them are interested, but I think when the lord sees your desire, and your diligence and OBEDIENCE, he blesses you with people to teach - whether that was someone you talked to or not. We have nothing to do with it. The lord prepares these individuals hearts, it is him. I just teach them what they need to know and he takes care of the rest! I'm grateful that I get to be a part of that miracle. I get to witness it. That is a blessing. It is not about me and what I do. This is the Lords work and it is about what he does.

Then we had zone conference this week. Those are always good. I always love when we get to hear President and Sister Taylor speak. It is the best. It really is truly amazing how close you all get as a mission, I know it sounds cheesy but you can just feel the love!! Haha it was really good. President always talks forever and he is really funny, but he is a powerful speaker and the spirit is just amazing. It is awesome! 

The weekend was kinda rough, we have had some weird things going on,  we just haven't really felt good. But it has been a good week, kinda slow, but good. 

In June or July this year they will be making the Yakima Washington mission. That will be so weird... I could potentially finish my mission there. That would be so sad to leave the WVM! But we don't know yet who will be affected. The number of Sisters in this mission has gone waaaay down because they all went home!! A lot of the missionaries came from the Portland mission, and so now all those Sisters are home. It is crazy. Anyway. I am grateful this week to be a missionary. It is so hard, but how blessed we are to be able to be involved in this work. It's hard though. 
Next week will be my 7th birthday!!! Haha whoa, almost half done. I can't believe it!!!!
Love you all, thanks for writing!
Have a good week!