Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

First off, thank you very, very much to those who sent valentine packages! Very kind of you! It was nice to know someone loves us after the week we have had. This week has been a toughy. Thank you for thinking of us! However, now seeing the giant stash of candy and goods I have...I don't think I will be needing any more for oh...about...the rest of my mission! Thank you for thinking of us! 

Also, I usually just send pictures to my mom and dad, and then they get posted on the blog (at least I think they do...) the blog is so if you want to, go there and see more stuff ok? BUT if you want to, I had some friends that asked me to send them pics, so if you want them too just say so, and I will do my best to send them to you :) but you can always go to the blog.

I'm getting a new companion. That is pretty sad but I guess it is a good thing. It has been an interesting transfer, but I love sister Zeyer and it is hard to have to say Adios to her, but at the same time I know I have a friend when I get home, I'm glad we won't be together forever here, I just don't want our relationship to sour. My new companion will be sister Depew. (Da-pew...I said it WAY wrong...heheh) I'm feeling kinda nervous to take over this area after just one transfer but it will be fine I hope.

Cortina is still on track and pushing strong! She is so amazing! We got her program and everything all finished yesterday and she had her interview and passed. She is ready to go, all she needs is her dress for baptism and then the following Sunday she will be confirmed. She asked me to do her hair and I'm like uhhhh…okay we will see how that turns out but she is excited, so hopefully if it looks bad she will just get it wet and it will be fine....right? 

That's it for now.