Sunday, July 6, 2014


When the ages were changed for missionaries to serve, there were a few people that would ask "when are you going to go on a mission / maybe you should go/ when are you going to go?" And I would just laugh and laugh and laugh at them and tell them they were hilarious, what a great joke they just told, they are crazy right?  Well here I am. 2 days away from the MTC. 

I honestly didn't think that a ton of people would show up, but I was very happy with all the people that came!!  Seriously, I just love you all SO much, even if you couldn't come I really appreciate the little letters and messages you sent! It truly means so much!!

This really has been quite the journey.  All these dumb feelings I have had. I know that it normal, and everyone has a hard time, but boy it was HARD!  I feel that I was (and somewhat still am) so afraid of missing out on things, and that I was being selfish, I had a hard time trusting the Lord, and felt that if I couldn't have what I wanted I wouldn't be happy. That just is not true. At all.  The Lord truly does have a plan for all of us, and his plan works 100 % of the time, and will bring you more happiness than you could ever imagine. 

This week, since my YSA farewell (June 29, 2014) I have felt great. Which I am SO grateful for.  Yes occasionally I still get these dumb feelings, fears and doubts, but they have been easier to shrug off, and I feel that I am not as distracted with them.  The Lord does hear our prayers, and he does answer them!! This week has truly been a blessing in this aspect.  I feel I am finally HAPPY about serving a mission, and am feeling excited to go.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me, My bosses (you know who you are ;D ,) my ward missionary friends, Marie and Britt, Anthony and Marcus.  There really are a ton of names I could put on here.  And Of course my family. They have helped so much, and been incredibly supportive. Especially my mom and dad. You can ask my mom how many nights I spent in her room or sitting with her on the couch bawling my eyes out over something silly.  What incredible parents I have. They have to put up with ME.   They have been so helpful, a source of strength and comfort.  They are incredibly patient with me, and I don't know where I would be without my family!!
Thank you all for putting up with me through this journey!!