Monday, July 14, 2014

First P-Day

Hello everyone!!
My sisters and I practically RAN to the comp. lab to write you!! hahahaha we couldn't wait and we are SOOO happy to be in regular clothes!!!  Okay I'm gonna try to send pics but I don't know how to work this camera yet so apologies in advance.   KK so my companion is Sister De Leon (Day -Lee own)  She is from Texas, she is a Polynesian, and she is freakin hilarious. sometimes we joke that we are the same person, but she is so much more cheery and positive than me. hahah not that I am not but she is just always smiling and so happy. she talks to everyone and I'm so grateful for her. she is truly amazing.  She sometimes calls herself  'Hood Losa' because she will be like daaang girl, or be like hey yall or whatever, she talks like a black girl (sorry I didn;t want to say that cuz it sounds bad but I didn't know how to put it) hahaha she is soo funny!! Mom, I met sister Singleton, she is the best. For those of you who don't know I met her on FB on a sister missionary page, we found that we were serving the same mission and reporting the same day.  she is in my district. I LOOOOVE her. She is from Georgia and she calls us Homeslice, or homegirl. hahaha she also says Y'all. I love her. her companion though....oh man....she will be lucky to get out of here alive lets just leave it at that.... anywho.  She ain't my companion so whateves.  

I got to teach my first investigators, Jordan and William (they are just my teachers so it is kinda weird but not)  Sister De Leon and I work so well together, our planning sessions go great and when we teach we do well at sharing and not dominating over the other, but our message flows smoothly between us. I think I am incredibly blessed to have that experience to start so I know what I think is good least I hope.  One time we were teaching some elders in our zone, not in our district, we taught them the restoration, and we forgot to open with a prayer. well lets just say that is super important and our lesson was SOOOOOO bad!!!! oh man. we were not connected at ALL. Pray is so cool. I mean i had learned about it all our lives and I always knew it was important. go read under revelation in the bible dictionary.  we were supposed to answer the question why is prayer essential for conversion.  Prayer is so great, with out it we can not talk to our father in heaven, and we can't receive revelation, or be enlightened.  we will remain in darkness and confusion.  We can't know the BOM is true if we don't pray about it, we can't know anything is true if we can't/don't pray about it.   In Joseph Smith history, he states (i think in vrs. 13) that he should remain in darkness or confusion or act on James counsel. so he did, and look what happened...he just restored the big deal.

The days feel longer than they are. we get up at 6. then lots of class time and studying. by like 2 we are SOO tired, then Sister Singleton is like we only have this many hours til bed and we are like SHUT. UP. NOW. hahahahah

But wow. the first 2 days were super hard. I wasn't home sick or anything, I was just I don't know. it was just hard.  I have only cried a little though!! haha oh man yesterday in sacrament, it was the last Sunday for one of our districts in the zone, and we sang " God be with you til we meet again"...LOST. IT. I cried so bad and Elder Ping (our former zone leader and no he is not Asian) came and shook my hand and was like I can just feel your sweet spirit. I was like shut up elder your gonna make me cry harder haha I didn't say that to him. I just said thank you but He is great. Gonna miss them lots.

There is a window by my classroom, i look at the mountains that we see through our kitchen window at home and I can't do that. It makes me sad. I look at the mountains and get homesick even though I am home. hahah It is hard having home SOOO close!

I love you all so much, I miss you all dearly, but I am happy here and enjoying it and learning lots. Mom I know it will be annoying but can you please post the letters that I have sent if you haven't already.

Thank you so much for all your support and help you have given to help me get here. I love you all so much.

I can't figure out how to post the pics. I'm sorry!! I will send them as soon as I can get smart to figure it out.
Sister Morgan