Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter to Mom

OH!! Ma, I am thinking about all these things I am forgetting to tell you. So my teacher are Bro. Metcalf and Sorensen. They. are. the BOMB. I love them so much, they keep class light and fun, but the spirit is always crazy strong. you feel like your entire body is on fire hahaha. it is so great. CRAP!!! I WANT TO SEND YOU PICTURES. I HATE THIS COMPUTER!! hahahaahah. one day!! I will ask some other people and see if they had any luck with pics. the food here is so freakin good. and it is like all you can eat, HOWEVER..I have been kinda good with eating healthy haha sometimes they have burgers and stuff and I'm like aww heck yeah! hahaha but they have way good food. Sleeping is still hard. it takes me forever to fall asleep and then last night, these girls were being freakin loud AFTER LIGHTS OUT TIME (10:30) and i was like I'm gonna go bust their door down, tell sister de leon to unleash 'hood losa' (Losa is her first name) and we gonna kick some booty.  Oh my heck.  I miss you too, but lets not think to much on that!! hehehe.  Tell mister I miss him lots, and I hate not being able to tease anyone. I mean I can tease the sisters's just not the same hahahahahah.  We get 1 hr. of email time on monday.  My branch Pres. is President Brown, he is pretty cool but also kind of scary hahaha but he cries a ton which makes me feel better, even though I feel like emotions have been easier to control here. THANK THE LORD.  Oh my.   hahah and Sister Singleton has the funniest phrases. she will say "Good Night almighty!!" when she is surprised at something, she is just so funny, so is Sister De Leon, they are just so witty and quick to think on their feet with that stuff and they just make me laugh so hard. I have a video of us being stupid before bed..Sis. Singleton was making weird noises and I told her to do it again but she couldn't because we were all laughing so hard hehe she told me not to send it to you, but she doesn't have to know that I'm gonna..whoooppsss!! there it is!!! shhhh…our secret.  How is sister Leeesha? did Joe go to church? andAnna? how was the Scottish Fest? WHERE BE MY CAKES OF WELSH?!?!?! heheheh just kidding, if she didn't get any or was tempted to eat them that is cool.

I miss my kitty. kitty. Mom how many of my letters have you gotten, I have sent you like 20 hahaha   Oh shnikes!! how do you spell that?? This too, I have a calling here. I was like what the? no no....I am a full time missionary.. That IS my calling yo, what up. What is this? so I am the gosh dang Online Coordinator, which really is fine I just didn't know we got callings hahahahah.  So I get to train the newbies, we are kind of excited for them to come in. HA they get to wear the stupid dork dot. hehehe. I'm so mad I can't send you pics. Anyway.  Funny story before I go, I only have a minute or so. but last night Sister Singleton was talking in her sleep and I guess Sister De Leon heard it too so when we woke up Sister De Leon was like "girl you were talking in your sleep last night and I was talking back to you, and it was funny because you would not respond, and so I was like Oh daaang, she just be trippin!!" hahahahahahahahhahaha SOOO funny. Oh my heck. I love you. I have to go. Love ya!!