Friday, July 11, 2014

I have more time to write now.  Feel free to post this on the blog if you want.  Today was good, crazy, and hard.  Most of the day was good, but more towards the night I have gotten frustrated.  We have 3 investigators. When we got to meet them, we got to ask them questions and just discuss with them, and by "we" I mean like over 50 missionaries. I felt frustrated because I felt useless.  I didn't feel like I had any thoughts or anything...I just sat there.  So I felt I wasn't feeling the spirit like I had been all day.  But I know that it is here, I feel like I don't know what I learned today.

I met Sister Singleton, she is so cool. I love her so much! I feel like her and Sister DeLeon just get along so well and are pretty similar, we are already pretty good friends.  Sister Singleton's companion is kinda weird though, not gonna lie, and I think we all think that hahaha! Sorry!

It is so weird, our Zone leader, Elder Ping, he will grab your hand with both his hands and say "I am so glad you're here!"  He has already told us that he loves us an we are going to be top notch.  There is just something about him though, like his spirit, he just brings light. I love my district and my zone.  My sister training leaders are Sister Williams and Bingham.  They are so great.

I cried when I put my name tag on and I only had to wear the "Dork dot" for the first day.  I really am having a good time, there is so much I can tell you, but I need to read and know...missionary stuff.

I love you all, I miss you, but I feel at home here.  Please take care and stay safe.  Go to the temple for me lots this month.  I will talk to you in 2ish weeks.  P-Day s Monday.  I will send pics then:)
It is weird to call myself Sister Morgan, still getting used to it and having my name tag.  I love it. Holy-I'm a missionary!
Love you,
Sister Morgan