Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday July 11, 2014...Part 3

I forgot to put this letter in there, so I guess I will tell you more. I gonna have nothing to say on Monday when I get to email you.  I have been thinking about it all week.
     I looked out a window while on break from class and saw the mountains you see from the kitchen window...then I just got a knot in my stomach and missed home.  I am going to miss that view, and you, and the kitchen haha!  Um, I have pics though!  Can't wait to send them.
     My companion, Sister De Leon, she is from Texas but Polynesian and talks like a black girl from the country.  So funny!  She says "I'm from the hood" and she'll be like "Daang girl...I mean Sister!" HA!  We think so alike though it seems we read each others mind.
     I miss my ward.  There is a guy, that from the back looks like Tyler Woolley, and I'm like "awwohh!"  My ward missionaries :(
    Okay, I gotta go write in my journal and go to bed.  As Sister Singleton would say "Night homeslice".  Then she'll be like "Saaaa-ister Morgan!"  haha   We don't do first names or "guys" or "girls".  They say there are guys, but they are home dating the girlfriends of the Elders!  OH SNAP!
Okay, Love ya,
Sis. Morgan