Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday July 11, 2014...Part 2

What a fantastic day it has been. Today has been the BEST day so far, no joke.  I have learned so much today. OH! and I got to teach my first investigator today, Jordan, and um...we CRUSHED it.  We taught him a brief overview about Joseph Smith, and we talked about how he is literally a child of Heavenly Father, and then prayer.  THEN it was crazy because he was saying he didn't want to pray because he feels that he can't.  Then we got back to class and learned about prayer. Let me tell you, the Spirit was soooo crazy strong.  My teacher, Bro. Sorensen, told us to go with our companions to find an empty room and pray.  Let me tell you what I learned first. We all know prayer is important, it is our direct line to Heavenly Father.  But why is prayer important to our conversion?  Why is it essential?  Without prayer, we would not be able to be enlightened.  Yes, we have the scriptures, but how would we be able to know if it is true if we can't ask and receive an answer?  We could not receive guidance, we wouldn't be able to progress, we would remain in darkness and confusion.  Prayer is important to investigators because it is a higher power than us, we can tell them it's true, but who better to do it than God?  God himself.  Read Joseph Smith History 13.  Joseph says he was in darkness/confusion, so what did he do?  PRAYED.  And looked what happened.  Because he prayed, he was enlightened, made a prophet, and restored the gospel to the know, no big DEAL!  Prayer reflects as relationship with our Father, when we understand this relationship (we are his eternal children).  Prayer becomes easy and more natural.  We want to do it, just like I get along with my Dad, I want to tel him everything.  I seek his counsel and guidance, but I just flat out love the guy and talking to him, same with Heavenly Father.  He knows us completely and WANTS to hear from us, and he wants what is best for us.  Just like our Dad's on earth.  Except Heavenly Father is all knowing.  When you pray, try to pray sincerely (not saying you don't already).  Always say Thank you, and ask questions!  Be specific!  Today I asked the Lord why he needed me as a missionary in Vancouver.  Sister DeLeon went off about how she has been told by so many that my mission is a HARD mission.  I, all of the sudden just felt so important.  Everyone's mission is hard in someway so now I am like, OH NO!  he-he...But I felt so special that the Lord called ME!  The Lord truly does hear and answer our prayers.  He will guide us and teach us. Confide in him, be open and honest, BE REAL!  Prayer is a powerful tool we have, yet a simple task.  Use it and you will be blessed!
Love ya,
Sister Morgan