Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday July 11, 2014...Part1

We have a killer group here and can I tell you I'm so grateful that we have people here to run the cafeteria.  They make so much food and I'm glad there are people willing to do the dishes! I'm gonna gain like 50 lbs. before I get outta here.  Sister De Leon (DAY-LEE-OWN) and I get to teach our first investigator-Jordan, TONIGHT.  Holy fudge cakes.  We had a really effective companionship though so hopefully it will go good!  We have to invite him to be baptized.  I feel like I am learning to love, which sounds bad, I know, but really it is crazy.  All the Sisters in my group (there are 8 in our whole District, about 25 in our Zone, and we are the only 4 Sisters, Right On!) are always like I love him, I hear them and I am like yeah, I care but I am not freakin attached like you are, geez...calm down!  But then I am like "is there something wrong with me?"
  Today we read 2 Nephi: 31 and where all the Ye's and He's and stuff are, we put the investigators name.  Read 2 Nephi 31:20 and put your own name, a friends name, sibling, spouse, whoever, put their name in and see how you feel:)
    I love my companion, she likes to talk a lot though to people when we are going places and I swear we are always late. They all have to take their sweet time and I'm the first one ready and like "Yeah, we just have to be sitting in class in 2 minutes" big deal!  I HATE being late!
     OH!  And get this!  So my stupid clock is haunted.  It likes to set itself and I am the ONLY ONE that brought a clock.  So we wake up late yesterday and miss breakfast.  I had set my clock to the right time and it changed itself.  So everyone was mad at me and I was like "YOU SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT YOUR OWN!"  So I just use my watch.  Plus the hallway gets busy so you can hear the other Sisters.  So luckily, we haven't overslept too much.
     Anyway, gotta go to class now and I get to teach WHOA!
Love ya
Sister Morgan