Monday, July 21, 2014

Fly out Tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone!

Holy..tomorrow I will be in Washington.  Crazy!! It is weird to think too that in just like a week and a half..I will have been gone a month. whoa.

These past few days have been a struggle. I really have a problem with over thinking everything and making things so much harder than they really are, but that has led to some cool experiences.  i for some reason really struggled with 'faith in Jesus Christ'  and how the commandments tie into that. dumb right? I know. I had to teach it to my companion, and she was asking all these questions about what I said so I got all confused and then didn't get it.  I studied and studied, and then the next day I was sitting in my class. I said a prayer and opened up to the same chaper. Alma 32.  I read it, just read it.  and all the sudden it was like ah ha! hahah so dumb!! but the spirit was so strong and I could just feel it teaching me. it all makes sense now.

We taugh a man named Dominic, he was our TRC investigator. he is Italian, Roman Catholic, and he is 71 yrs. old. he looks younger though. anyway. he intimidated the crud out of me at first because he made me feel SOOO stupid the first time we saw him. he talks a ton and asks a TON of questions. that is fun though, we taught him what it means to be blessed. then I invited him to be baptized..he said no. haha and I was like well..that was awkward hahaha!! but later he was like I should not have said that, I know what I need to do. anyway. our last visit was on Saturday, he asked more questions and we were out of time so we all shared our testimonies, and cried our eyes out, and said goodbye. that was hard. It was reallllly hard. I hate goodbyes.

Then earlier this week, Sister  Bingham, she was in our zone, she is going to Australia, and her flight got canceled, so she was with us.  she left today. Pretty sad. I love her so much.  Then tomorrow I will have to do it all over again.

Then we had our last day Saturday with brother Metcalf.  That was sad too. and today we have to say goodbye to brother Sorensen.  I LOVED my teachers. SO MUCH. 

I feel like the Lord DOES have a sense of humor...but sometimes I'm like NOT funny, Lord...NOT funny.  I asked for humility, and he gave it to me.  oh man did he give it to me.  I just feel like this week, I realize how much nothing we are. How much I really DON'T know and the confidence and strength I DON'T have. I truly have to rely on him.  and even that for me is hard.  I feel like I am really struggling focusing on my mission. I have all these other thoughts in my mind. I hate it. I'm trying so hard and I just feel like there is no success. But i've only cried myself to sleep or while in the shower like 3 times.. so go me.  hahahahahahah!!!!  

One thing that is great that I would really like to share:  in 1 Ne 21:14-16, you will have to read it.. The Atonement is very personal to me, I learned it/gained a testimony of it in a very personal way.  Do we ever think of how personal it is to the Lord? Like it says a mother would not leave her child. The Lord won't leave us. "Behold, I have thee graven in the palms of my hands" He will NEVER forget us, ever.  In the words of sister De Leon "Heavenly Father will never leave us, we leave him"  Don't EVER leave him. ever.  It is hard to trust him sometimes, but we are his children, he truly wants what is best for us, he knows us, he knows what is best and how to help. Don't leave him.  

Happy Birthday Gran!!! Love you!

I don't know what time I will be calling at.  I think my flight is at 8:46 or something. I will be up at 3:30 and at the travel office at 4:30am. yay. but I think it should be around 7:30ish maybe. not sure. I will call dad's phone.

On Friday we had 9 1/2 hours of in-field orientation, it was good, but way long. It made me a little more nervous for the actual field, but it will be fine.  

It is really hard having home so close. I could literally walk to gran and pa's in like 5 min.  Bust outta here! hahahah. So for that reason I can't wait to get out of Utah.

you know the electric things? the big pin wheel ones right before Spanish Fork canyon? yeah well guess what..I could see those from a window by my classroom and was like awwww :-( sadness. that is the way we go to the cabin! I didn't realize how close it is haha

I think that is it for now, I am pretty much packed and ready to go. just a few last minute things. I will talk to you (mom and dad) tomorrow, Love you all.